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However, since you raise the point, I would like to respond by saying that I have visited Thailand, spending over a month in the country and during that time I did witnessed first-hand the sex tourism that exists there. Read more on Indiana Jo Its not prostitution in the form of x amount of money for x services. Take, for example, Bethan, the aforementioned woman interviewed by Reuters in their report. I have just returned from Gambia, blissfully unaware before I set out that this even existed. Jason 5 April, at 8: I left my e-mail here, hopefully you will find a bit of time in the near future.

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However, please read on before you click-off.

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Sex tourism: ‘Mzungu’ women who travel to Kenya to get laid by local men

There is an ongoing debate on terminology regarding female sex tourism. Would we like to go? Yet there is nothing virginal about this country, where sex tourism is sufficiently rife to give Thailand a run for its money. Mind you all three of us were in bed with boys there. Whatever diplomatic arrangement of words they may use to support themselves, the female sex tourists are exploitative and should be called out for their unwholesome fetishes.

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white women sex in africa
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white women sex in africa
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