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What kind of person prefers to be weak and drugged? This occurred at the same time that boys in the schools and YMCAs were naked when being taught to swim. In early April, when the ice had just receded off a local pond, I dared him to go swimming with me. Oh, and by the way, those guys had hairy asses as well. Interestingly, the issue was resolved in favor of continuing the tradition of nude swimming.

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I sucked in my breath in shock.

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Frank Answers About Swimming Naked

My usual lap swimming gave way to frolicking with a young wild duck. Later I heard the rest of the story: And no one saw any reason to break with the tradition once APHA guidelines were removed. Johnny would be forty-five today, but in my mind he will always be a ten-year-old boy who came to camp to get away from the perils of the inner city. The next day at school I was eating lunch with some buddies.

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learning to swim naked
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learning to swim naked
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