How not to be an asshole

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The next project was to start going through the list and grouping them into large categories that encompassed as many words as possible. Learn to be an asshole The best way to do business…apparently. Unethical assholes are assholes because they care about themselves more than others. Then the penny drops and they realize that they are a jerk. I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and bet that you, a total fucking asshole, think of yourself like Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious series. It means that they have the power over your emotional health and you are giving that power away willfully.

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It became a welcome wake up call because I reflected on my behavior and changed.

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How To Stop Being An Asshole

As tribal creatures we tend to reflect the people we associate with. Yes, these people are assholes. What about to promote a good cause you care about? The world is not against you. You're stealing bread to feed yourself, not stealing wallets to feed your mistress' addiction to Prada. A confident man would shun the very concept of labels because he knows that that's the shit insecure people use to feel accepted. To test and find stable personality traits, researchers would have to make an exhaustive list of all of the possible human behaviors and then measure these behaviors in a lot of people over a very long time to determine what was fundamental personality and what was just noise and bullshit.

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how not to be an asshole
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how not to be an asshole
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