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You can also delete a lot of the BS that also gets loaded I. Enjoy your middle class, non-desperate pussy. Room has a safety box. Took several trips to find something at MBC that I wanted to take out. I put my picture and stats like you are supposed to. You said you were qauility high end.

I started looking for a taxi going in either direction on Roxas:

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I got bad vibes and took a taxi 2 blocks from LAC to the Hyatt with my pickup. Walking about 4 blocks, pass many hotels, KTV's, and restaurants. I have read many posts. I guess I should of had a warning light go off on my head because when we were leaving he "tipped" the police officer who was watching the exit area and then never turned on his meter rate so he ended up charging us pesos for the ride, which something tells me that it was a total ripoff because I can't remember ever spending over pesos on my last trip and my girlfriend insisted this was normal. I don't really think based on the economics I am worried about paying to play and I am quality vs quantity guy.

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