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That taxi driver I called is out front. Basically, I just sat there, vacant as a lobotomy patient, staring at the midgets, in utter disbelief at the scene unfolding before me—it was complete Midget Overload. I finally peeled my eyes off my now giant looking dick to glance at her ass. If you are ever there, order a Budweiser. Clothes off, I slid right in. There is a midget convention at the hilton in milwaukee here with my girlfriend and [soylentgreen] is here too.

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It was long and ambitious, but I had confidence in my ability to conquer it the full story of the Sexual To Do List will be in my next book, Assholes Finish First.

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The Tucker Max Stories

I was thinking, could I have sex with a midget. I thought that would shut you up. I look forward to showing you what a real little person can do in life, but I am sure that whatever I accomplish in life, I will become more successful than you in more ways than one. I kind of stuttered. I think my heart might explode. We all have dreams.

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first time sex stories with female dwarfs
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first time sex stories with female dwarfs
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  1. this guy literally has a yt channel where he's cooking with his cats, he actually seems like a really genuine guy, but who knows he might have dozen of bodies burried somewhere in the backyard, we may never know...,