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Maybe his grandpa had facial hair like that. They became friends on the production. The penultimate scene, the fight to the deaths of Arthur and Mordred, is as upsetting as it ought to be. There are no common man characters in the entire film except him. For a minute, I actually thought it was indeed Olivia Hussey portraying the role of Guinevere. Page 1 and Page 2.

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The witchdoctor, Sitayi, having the exact same role as Merlin by ushering in a King through use of sorcery.

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The (Not So) Hidden Hero of Excalibur

About Film Inquiry Film Inquiry is a progressive, independent film magazine that aims to redefine film journalism. Has essentially one job in the whole movie: But he made it richly memorable. Call your dragon to weave a mist to hide us! Also here and there, that chintziness is part of the charm. The location for the Duke of Cornwall's castle is now a housing estate.

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excalibur movie nude fan art
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excalibur movie nude fan art
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