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P Agent May 11 3: Maybe he didn't want to be in the same house as you? I said sorry and just when I was to close the door my dad comes out and pulls me in. Friends dad saw me masturbate!!? He did the next gay Poo poo poo Jan 04 I loved it when Monica lit up and prayed with Annie. My dad is really hairy and we really like bonding this way.

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I saw my dad masturbating!! Help?

I've brought the subject up with him already, got to run for now, will add more later today. Want to read confessions and comments uncensored? I had never seen anything so big! But how do I get this image of my dad doing this? I would not alienate your father because of this. Just need to get over it mom and dads are human just like you and have urges and needs!

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seeing my dad masturbate
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seeing my dad masturbate
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