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His crunchy distortion isn't as overwhelming as said full-length, but the atmosphere summoned elicits some parallels. The album moves fast and is over pretty damn fast as well, with only "Gloria Rex Infernvs" providing a bit of respite so the drummer can take a quick heavy swig of warm lager between chronic blasting. Only with less Ice-T. Most closely related to mids punky black metal that never quite made it big like Tsatthoggua, Penis Metal has a thrashing force to it that is both informed of modern trends and as primitive as it would have been back in the day. There's the occasional metajoke, like a huge banana peel next to a chalk outline of a body; more often there are double entendres. You can't really say any more about this; if you want loud, abrasive aggression with little variation, then this is for you. While from what I've gathered their previous works were more in line with straight ahead black metal, this brief EP certainly inserts them deep within the narrower confines of what Chile has gained notoriety for.

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His animated barking has potential, and you can at least sense that he is giving it his all.

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At Chicago Artists' Coalition, the penis mightier than the sword

They kinda remind me of Venom on steroids or Viagra to keep the album theme going. There isn't anything more to say about this. By Justin Hayford It gets all the credit it deserves, really, and it makes me honestly want to pursue listening to more of Hades Archer itself. Zizek in some article once contrasted the passionate third world extremist who's willing to die for his cause, and the comfortable, liberal westerner who is rather unwilling to stand for just about anything, but who just wants to be as comfortable as possible, have a bit of poison when it suits, and to have a whole lot of poison at the end.

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