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So main plan is to get both sexes. After about 2 weeks of royal treatment feedingput them together in optimum water quality. When you register, you'll have instant access to Do you already have an account? Many breeders use frozen adult brine shrimp, live crickets, thawed beef heart, trout chow, live black worms or freeze-dried euphausiid shrimp ocean plankton.

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The fry are still stuck by secretions of the cement glands and rearranged by the parents into clumps.

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Identifying the Gender of an Oscar Fish

Breeding Begins The best trigger to spawning is a combination of new and larger quarters, increased temperature, an enriched diet and water changes. They like water F C it is said, but you can keep them at temps as high s 86F and might actually be good to raise to that temp for breeding. Quick info off the top of my head, they grow fast! Oscar fish reach sexual maturity at about 14 months when they are 6 to 10 inches long. They are not very aggressive.

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