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Haters and the bullshit!! And as far as Lil Kim trying to be like Nicki Minaj, that's not hardly the case. So funny how you have changed your tune! Break it for me, gotta tell your nigga "Fly a kite" Michael Jackson, thriller You say, "don't nobody keep it realer" Real one, I homicide the vision Say her name, they gon' get the business Chris Brown, playing when I killed her He could fuck you too cause that's my nigga I ain't cuffin' pussy, I ain't with it She could be for you and treat her special Yeah, she say she love me, you looking for her Don't mind you looking cause she mine girl, she for me Fall off, she gon' hold it down, please believe Firearm, we roll around in the streets When I get home it's going down in the sheets Don't mind you looking cause she's mine girl, she a big fine girl Everytime she whine, she move her body like a spider And everybody watching all that ass she got behind her Money maker shine but I don't mind cause I'mma grind her. B That dope pussy that chronic That Dre, so don't Od Hold up baby, come here, give it to me I'm about to uh huh, lick the pussy In the car, don't give a fuck who lookin' And [?

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Nikki and and Kim are garbage they show the weak female if anything Kim only talked about sex and Kim ain't talking about shyt.

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#Mine (feat. Kevin Gates)

That's a whole lotta Cake Kimmy Nobody is checking for her. Can there be one Kim post without someone mentioning Nicki and vice versa? Instead of supporting your head lacefront in charge, you continue to slay Kim. Your best is a fake asz!!!!!!!!!! You could never, you simple minded Nicki fans tickle me. Roman's Revenge can't be denied for all those who claim Nicki can't rap.

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lil kim shaking her ass
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