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So if they have a greater freedom from guilt about their bodies and their sexuality that can be a good thing. And it is normal to masturbate. Still have a question? Because girls are more comfortable with mom rather than dad. When the sun is shining, attracting tourists to the West Feed her the realistic and scientific informations about sex and masturbation.

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While it is, again, quite common for young teenagers especially to be self-conscious and sensitive to what their peers say, think and do, it is worrisome if it is causing so much distress that your daughter feels she needs to take some action to reduce the stress.

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Dear David Coleman: My 13-year-old daughter masturbates to relieve stress

However, if the analysis she makes of situations always leads to distress and negativity for her for example, she always thinks she has made a mess of things, upset people, or is unlikeable then you might want to think about getting some help for her. Bill Linnane Ballymaloe is a special place. What phone should I get my year-old daughter? Should I let my year-old girl date? It may even generate guilt for some youngsters. You have to accept that she is a human and sexual being, like it or not.

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