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He's in good shape, we both are. I reassured him that I knew he would always be my dad. I guess too I've always kind of put family ties above romantic ones. A few months ago, a mysterious package arrived in the mail addressed to my daughter, who had just turned 4. If I marry, I may tell my husband, but it would probably be after we were together for many years and only if I felt he would be truly understanding. I just couldn't see it being an exciting relationship, especially once the excitement of the incest fully wore off. That doesn't really translate to wanting my dad back, though, because even sex with him lost some of the thrill factor after awhile and started to feel normal.

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Nobody else was home but my little brother and he never leaves his room and his video games unless you force him.

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Basic Rules

And you know no matter how grown-up you all are getting, I'll always be your dad, right? I'm not trying to be creepy, but I'm a guy and she's a perfect female specimen. So I asked him about the the FAFSA stuff and he went to get it for me from the office closet where all that stuff is kept. We made it a point to wear clothes that were easily moved and repositioned. I really don't know to be honest.

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had sex with my dad
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