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Moreover, peptide hormones can be filtered through the renal glomerulus and excreted in urine [ 64 ]. Females immediately after a bout of vocalization rolled 3—4 times on their dorsal side, and the duration ranged from 10 to 30 s. Edited by Rita Payan Carreira. The sex steroid hormones found in saliva retain the same form as in blood because circulating steroid hormones pass through the epithelium of exocrine glands by passive diffusion [ 75 ]. In case of untrained animals, this material is collected on the ground, and it is necessary to isolate the animal, which causes stress besides requiring a time for the isolation and urine recovery [ 58 ]. In the devastated urban landscape of Mexico City, in the course of a day, the lives of a handful of characters intertwine.

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In these rodents, a predominance of large intermediate cells is observed in proestrus, while superficial cells predominate in estrus, and the intermediate and parabasal cells prevail in diestrus [ 49 ].

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Cytological specimen presenting predominance of cornified cells indicating estrus in E. Edited by Rita Payan Carreira. In addition, this method has been described for lions Panthera leo [ 29 ], cheetahs Acinonyx jubatus [ 30 ], pumas [ 31 ], and ocelots Leopardus pardalis [ 32 ] in which the estrus was characterized by the presence of a high percentage of keratinized superficial cells. Infrared thermography has proved to be highly sensitive to changes in the environmental conditions. Estrus Cycle Monitoring in Wild Mammals:

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