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Plus her foreign affairs ideas stink and are so over-baked. Around that time a neighbor across the street lost her dog a little white dog Shitzu or something like that and my sister lost her dog a little orange Pomeranian. They at the time lived in Oklahoma near a college town. Told her to date and sign it and I would let her in the garage. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. My youngest sister has a portrait she had photoed of herself at a photographer in the same pose with short hair do that she had done for her first David except facing forward. And anyway who wrote about it.

One of them at least.

Jesus did not commit to man because he knew what was in man.

Donald Trump is not in the Bible. While watching The Kelly File and Stirewalt was her guest with another person talking about how Carly Fiorina cut off Trumps balls and I resented it because it was about her looks and I thought her answer to that debate question about her looks was ridiculous. I think she won. The Vet had me put him on a certain kind of diet. One of the paragraphs ends with Dot and Walt often played bridge with friends and made a point of enjoying the cultural opportunities the city offered. What about the babies that are born with a disease that cannot be cured and die? He thinks he succeeds when he gets donations near a million dollars.

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