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C I'm sooo excited about ur win im spankin it, r u spankin it? She bears the devils mark! That ideal seems to be dead. You guys are so fucked. AskMe just remember to phrase it in the form of a "is this normal? We need to just do a U-Haul of our pop culture. And when in doubt, I tend to fall into thinking that people do what they want regardless of their public stated opinions.

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If she takes "the high road" and shuts out journalists, all the nutty stuff looks like a media conspiracy to take her down, which fits perfectly into her "outsider" campaign.

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The Craziest Things Christine O'Donnell Has Ever Said (PHOTOS)

The Taiwanese animated story of the rise of Christine O'Donnell there is chicken-choking. In their frame of refernce, she has admitted to being a sexual deviant in early college and decided with the help of the Catholic church, prayer and Jesus to live a life of chastity and obedience to God's will. She tries to go off on a tangent about how wealthy Coons may be, and the moderator drags her back. And watch the Freepers go nuts on Bill here. Instead, he paid his way to be part of a seminar on curriculum development put on under the auspices of a couple of PIs who had Fulbright grants. But she didn't implode on camera and knows that the key to TV is to keep talking calmly and everything will sound ok. Well, Joe, I don't know if you subscribe to the theory of the Overton Window, but getting people like O'Donnell into office is definitely going to move it in the wrong direction, and I think that, for all his failings, Obama is moving it in the right direction.

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christine odonnel shaved
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christine odonnel shaved
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