Amateur flim festivals win a scholorship

This Austrian farce manages to create comedic gold with a mismatched pair of music professors: Do you have a non-fiction, linear, transmedia, or other kind of digital series that's is still in pre-production? Jurors chose winners in the Live Action, Animation, and Documentary categories. A searing portrait of motherhood, it sent our blood pressure through the roof and arrested our attention until the very last second with its clever and powerful ending. From choosing our judges to creating opportunities, our top priority has always been the writer. A long-standing and popular festival and competition amongst screenwriters, win this competition for a chance to be signed with a major agency and have your script optioned, acquired, and produced.

Additionally, guest speakers will screen and discuss their own work to offer insights into the creative process and industry best practices.

TAU film wins at International Student Film Festival

This year, two-to-five additional grants will be provided for docs about extraordinary women. If you have a humanities-themed project that is intended for distribution on new media, check out this grant from NEH:. Apply to be a part of the long-standing IFP lab for a year-long mentorship program presented by the Time Warner Foundation. The Fund began granting in Sundance Episodic Story Lab.

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