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His wife spanked him, but that was part of their sex games. Dave's 40th Birthday Spanking! Paypal - Amazing News! As in any settings, boundaries should be set and respected by both parties. It was also something I had never really considered before but it was nice to have it pointed out and in fact, any alternative where the lads did not have female figures around them would seem bizarre to me. The lads getting spanked in these videos range from young 18 year olds through to more mature men.

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Im am straight but i lover to be spanked by a man.

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How many STRAIGHT men would spank or be spanked by another man?

It's been quite an exhilarating experience for me. It doesn't matter to me, I liked to be spanked, they are all sexy to me unless someone makes me ejaculate before a spanking. I think it was filmed around the time of Rogue Trader Gets Spanked. Normally I'd only allow a woman to do it but I could accept this only if I deserved the spanking and only if I trust the guy. I can certainly see how the combination of sexual activity and spanking can be highly erotic for many and I'm delighted that there are websites out there that produce that type of gay, erotic spanking movies. But having said that.

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spank straight m/m
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spank straight m/m
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