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We would love to know what you think so feel free to comment below! When these two first meet, it's in a ring filled with oil, fighting for money. It has fanservice with bare breasts and scenes filled with panties, genuinely trying to hit every fetish they can. PickupThursday. In this scene, we get a full course of sexy revealing panty shots while Sigui trains Annelotte in divine and sexy techniques to make nonbelievers submit to the Lord. She has a hot body and is determined to teach Annelotte the holy poses. What do you get when you take a magical staff made of nothing but tentacles, and a beautiful and mostly submissive, lady?

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This is one of those scenes that is paradise for the eyes, by taking two beautiful ladies and having them practically dry hump each other even if one seems to like it more than the other.

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Queen's Blade All 19 Beautiful Fighters

Episode 2 of Queen's Blade: Whether it be for power, glory, or fame, these women risk it all to achieve their dreams in this sexy battle-centered anime. On one side, we have Echidna, the sexy Elven mercenary who wears a snake for panties. Featuring the big-breasted Echidna and the perky-chested Leina Vance, where they go one-on-one almost in the biblical sense while getting ready for training. Episode 10 of Queen's Blade: Since this episode is filled with sexy moans, breast squeezing tentacles, and questionable energy sources this scene is an ecchi masterpiece placing it at number four.

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queens blade nude scene
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