Primates masturbate offspring

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Each female copulates with many males, and vice versa. Retrieved 19 October Sexual Selection and Reproductive Competition in Primates: Masturbation is m ore prevalent in species that exhibit a polygynandrous multi - male. These are that the number of sperm inseminated should be a function of:

The energetics of male-male endurance rivalry in rhesus macaques.

Non-reproductive sexual behavior in animals

Random House Publishing Group. According to Emlen and Wrege forced copulations occur in this socially nesting species, and females must avoid the unwelcome attention of males as they emerge from their nest burrows or they are forced to the ground and mated with. Male masturbation in free-ranging Japanese macaques. Although comparative behavioral data on masturbation could help us understand the adaptive function and evolution of this behavior, very few data are available to date. Approximately eight percent of [male] rams exhibit sexual preferences [that is, even when given a choice] for male partners male-oriented rams in contrast to most rams, which prefer female partners female-oriented rams. Seahorses, long upheld as monogamous and mating for life, are identified as "promiscuous, flighty, and more than a little bit gay" according to research published in

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