Oral bac oral bacterial infections

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While both bacteria are found together in subgingival plaque and can cause multiple polymicrobial infections, nothing is known about the interactions between these two important human pathogens. Recent evidence suggests that the respirator y. The problems and possible solutions to rendering dental service to nursing home patients are discussed, and several programs using the manpower and facilities of the university of michigan school of dentistry are proposed. Standards for the diagnosis and care of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD and asthma. This paper will first briefly describe the major respi. A critical step in this. Bacterial infection in chronic.

This study observed increased microbial colonization following FMR.

Role of Oral Bacteria in Respiratory Infection

COPD, periodontitis, dental plaque, oral hygiene. Results This study evidenced that all periodontal health variables were significantly correlated with smoking status, modified Medical Research Council dyspnea scale, COPD assessment test, number of exacerbations and hospitalizations per year, and C-reactive protein level. Cigarette smoking compromises the mucociliar y bar. Once established in the mouth, these pathogens may be aspirated into the lung to cause infection. Antagonism of IL-8 accumulation did not occur in KB cells, an epithelial cell line that does not support high levels of intracellular invasion by P.

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