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There are some pictures of Britney on the web where it's really hard to tell whether she's pregnant or just suffering from weight problems. She was crying over everything that was going wrong in her life, and she later described her 20s as "hell. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. She had already shaved her head at this point, and things were going from bad to worse, to just plain insane. Her concerts are even hotter than her nude photoshoots, because you never know when her clothes are going to fall right off.

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In the end, this means that there are tons of pictures on the web that Britney probably wishes never saw the light of day.

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Jennifer Lawrence Channels Britney Spears for Provocative Nude Photo

All I can say is that I want this guy's job. I felt very alienated from the public. Probably the most iconic set of photos that Britney wishes she could delete from the Internet was pretty much every image of her that showed her in her weird bald haircut. Actually this was part of a series of images that were taken when Britney wore a very famous green dress that just wouldn't stay on her body, no matter what she did. And did you know the pop icon does not like to wear panties in public? But when you're surrounded by paparazzi, it's bound to happen eventually, right?

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