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Throughout my porn career, I slowly noticed that the force of my cum was dependent on certain factors. If you want to learn how to shoot, like 5 feet further, then watch this. As I mentioned earlier, squeezing your semen to ejaculate further requires fit and strong PC muscles. So all you need to do is repeat that action 5 or 6 times, holding for a count of 3 each time before letting go. Will try next time. The easiest way to increase the volume and quality of your load is to take special supplements.

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How to Ejaculate Farther- Tips for Shooting Cum Like a Porn Star

Certain foods boost your semen load while others are toxic for it. By cutting down on the amount you masturbate, the more volume you will build up by the time you have sex. By cvmd in forum Misc. I can shoot several jets up to a meter high. You can practice kegels to last longer, stop your orgasm, dry orgasm, or just improve blood flow.

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