Flat chested mom stories

I told her all about you though. Me, I got to sleep with both women every night. Just like kids wait impatiently all year long for the pitter-patter of reindeer feet on the roofs of their houses and for Santa to fly in from the North Pole on Christmas Eve, I waited impatiently for the morning where I would wake up and—ta da! I do wish I looked right for my age. Fast-forward roughly eight years and several worn out A cup bras later, and well…nothing has really changed.

Shannon, intergalactic detective by splotch 2 months ago.

‘flat-chested woman’ stories

Dad was right, Mom did have a tight pussy. Was that too good to be true? After he had left for work I had another twenty minutes before I had to go to school. Well, no one ever said anything about them. And even though, they were uncomfortably ill-fitting, I never complained. Flat everywhere and never once needing to shave

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