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Subjects with any chronic diseases or use of steroids, asthma and antiepileptic medications were excluded. Perspectives on Asian America pp The use of HOMA is only a surrogate of insulin resistance and inferior to more direct measures such as the euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp. LM was no different in the men but greater in the South Asian than Aboriginal women. In our multiethnic sample of young adults, the linear association between BMI and PBF was stronger for Asian men than for Caucasian menwhile the reverse was true for women.

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The BMI category used for subject selection was determined from self-reported weight and height in the most recently completed third Multiethnic Cohort questionnaire and confirmed during recruitment.

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Journal of Obesity

In order to better understand whether these risk differences may stem from different body fat distribution, we conducted detailed anthropometry, DXA and MRI studies in a subset of 60 JA and White, apparently healthy women from the same cohort. From Orientalist Stereotype to the Hybrid Body. In a cross-sectional analysis among elderly Japanese American men, 3 measures of adiposity BMI, waist circumference, and subscapular skinfold thickness were independently related to hyperinsulinemia Smoking status was determined by self-report. Necessary and sufficient factors in stereotype threatJournal of experimental social psychology vol. It is remarkable that despite associations of ethnicity with birth weight and adolescent leg length, there was no association with skeletal breadth either biacromial or bi-iliacor total fat percentage in adolescence. Archived from the original on August 22,

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