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Aug 25, 33, Ratings 25 2 38 30 somewhere. Everyone dies for a change. Frylock makes a time machine that he and Shake use to compete for ruler of dimension boob. Forums New posts Search forums. When Meatwad eats a very important microchip, Frylock must shrink down to retrieve it.

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It's all cloaks and daggers until somebody gets hurt. Season 2 Frylock builds a supercomputer with mysterious powers. Frylock takes up some side work, and it's for the kids. The Aqua Teens must either escape the spider cocoons their landlord has trapped them in, or pay the rent they owe him. It turns out to be a mermaidwho has sex with Carl, Frylock, and Meatwad, who all explode as a result of being impregnated by the mermaid. Master Shake takes a walk on the wild side as he attempts to fool with Mother Nature and undergo a radical transformation. In a world where a vampire inducing virus has decimated mankind, the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 may have stumbled upon a cure.

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aqua teen she creature
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