Loud noise maker for asshole neighbors

Talk to the neighbor first. Ok with all FCC complains and other stuff, I want to know how this happend, why the stereos got knock out because a frequency. And look, I'm from a Hispanic family, we get loud, but it's not intentional, and if we thought we were bothering neighbors we would be saddened. So now I just call the police whenever they make noise after 10pm. There is a booklet that each owner gets when they buy their condo which says that there should be no noise but there seems to be no teeth in the regulation. If that doesn't work, start calling the cops every.

Nor any sound that's loud enough.

Some Jerk Sent This Scary Note To West L.A. Neighbors Over Barking Dogs

And the probable destruction of your house due to vibration. Now, I just hope he will be smarter in the future with his knowledge. Note that this was at about 7AM! It only had about a ten meter range, but that was enough. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. If not, send mute — volume up to maximum — un-mute.

3 thoughts on “Loud noise maker for asshole neighbors

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