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Over the years, The Exorcist ' s critical reputation has grown considerably. This section does not cite any sources. Retrieved August 28, Chris consults a number of physicians, but Dr. After playing with a Ouija board and contacting a supposedly imaginary friend whom she calls Captain Howdy, Regan begins acting strangely, including making mysterious noises, stealing, constantly using obscene language and exhibiting abnormal strength. Roger Ebertwhile praising the film, believed the special effects to be so unusually graphic he wrote, "That it received an R rating and not the X is stupefying. The Exorcist contained a number of special effects, engineered by makeup artist Dick Smith.

Lyric writer Lefteris Papadopoulos has admitted that a few years later when he was in financial difficulties he asked for some compensation for the intellectual rights of the song.

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Log in Sign up now. When this film was made, von Sydow was 44, though he was made up to look The film's notable psychological themes include the nature of faith and the boundaries of maternal love. Prequel to the Exorcist. In a moment of self-sacrifice, the priest throws himself out of the window before being compelled to harm Regan.

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