Glenn beck is an asshole

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Anyone who is called "Satan's mentally challenged younger brother" by Stephen King has got to be bad. The Saudi conspiracy theory might be a bridge too far for Beck, who is being sued for defamation by the Saudi national. An aurora glows over a possible rogue planet Phil Plait. What it's doing is setting up conditions where things like this are more likely. They are primarily concerned about securing their rapidly-shrinking territory in Iraq and Syria, rather than launching infiltration attacks on the US of the kind conducted from a base on the Mexican border, knowing that doing so would increase the likelihood of a US ground invasion of their territory and their subsequent pwnage by US soldiers. Raking in yet more cash, he has frequently taken his one-man freak show on tours of the countryside and made a high-profile appearance at CPAC inshowing off his unique take at a facepalm.

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In August he opined that possible military intervention in Syria is - you guessed it - a plot by progressives to weaken the US and bring about One world government.

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Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck: 'They dropped his ass'

One of his favorite movies is Ben Stein 's Expelled: In May he announced a three-day event that he claims will "change the way we celebrate [the] Fourth of July". Top 10 Space Movies. In Goldline was indicted for theft by false pretenses, false advertising and conspiracy. He also had to throw in a quip about the gub'mint using this as an excuse to take away our freedoms.

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glenn beck is an asshole
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glenn beck is an asshole
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