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If that makes sense. To further use the balloon analogy, as it starts to fill it is fairly slow and steady, but as it approaches fullness it is filling, not in a stream, but in waves. That's where you're wrong. What Girls Said Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 20, 09 at

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You aren't putting the shower head IN you are allowing the water to be on the pressure setting and you allow it to hit on your clitoris and thenn you orgasm that way So, this one time, I masturbated in the shower, and it was alright and all, but I think the cool part about it is it's very hard to get caught, and you can just say you were cleaning. Hahaha You dont stick the shower head up there! Young Russian masturbates in the bathtub. Jake makes me happy when the world is sad. Girls, what is the percentage that when you take a shower, you masturbate? Tattooed long-haired babe rubs herself in the bathtub.

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girl masturbates with shower head
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girl masturbates with shower head
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