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Are the producers trying to gaslight us? Finally, like all the gilding on every lily, we had a trip to Cartagena, which was perhaps the craziest trip on a series that has also brought us to Scary Island and the Mexican Tequila-a-Thon. But—much like any assumptions that one might make about what takes place in the lives of women not on TV—you'd be wrong. Despite her long-running disdain for exercise, Carole has turned a new leaf and is training for the New York City Marathon this fall. I watch reality TV to both escape actual reality and be able to better engage with it. After seven tumultuous months of marriage, Luann has filed for divorce from Tom. If you need that long to explain yourself before someone can interrupt, no one is going to take your point.

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We do not want receipts.

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The Real Housewives Of New York City

We went on a relief effort to Puerto Rico, which made me cry, and Carole finishing the marathon, which also made me cry. We learn two things about A Nate Thompson: We only want to judge based on what we see. And that sounds very sad and feels very sad to say, but isn't it also kind of beautiful? The strangest thing about this reunion, to me, was that we had to revisit the beginning of the season when everyone was mad at Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Coachella-Brand Flower Crown for Grown Women Morgans. The sad truth is that the show is the only truth. We did get some good information from Bethenny about Luann.

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