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I believe that your photographer should be included in that group. This is a complete candid portrait of Joe creating his own art within his own element. It turned out to be a beautiful day where all of of their simply elegant details came together. God knows how many times he's done it in the mirror, but it's second nature. Love that bouquet shot: The majority of my clients and friends have told me how easy going I am during my work and I agree, at the same time detail is a very important part of my event photography. Any special requests or prints you would like, I can make.

He doesn't photograph drag queens; they must be thinking about his transsexual friend, Amanda Lepore.

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Introduce a new product or service. Won't be careful, or can't be careful? And when she got that camera out and told you to pose, you didn't argue. She's an expert on Jung. The girl is Miss Prissy, the female star of Rize.

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