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A survey of 3, Chinese conducted by the magazine Insight China in found that prostitutes were considered more trustworthy than government officials. While the average price of an apartment in Beijing within the city's Third Ring highway is around 30, yuan per square meter, luxury downtown apartments sell at 70, yuan per square meter. The severe repression of prostitution did not prevent its accelerated revival in the late s and throughout the s and s. Sex worker in a beauty salon Many brothels are fronted by saunas or karaoke bars and many massage parlors are located in barber shops or beauty salons. Every prominent official, writer, artist, or merchant customarily left his wife at home when he traveled; instead he was accompanied by women skilled in making men feel comfortable. Encyclopedia of Sexuality hu-berlin.

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The hostesses cannot trust each other or their appointed guardians. Talking about emotional involvement without compensation is a taboo enforced by ostracizing. Yet they made big money. These social forces need to be considered in any plans for prevention. In Beijing, there are reportedly so many xiaojie mistresses that state media claim their numbers have driven up housing prices. A sign hanging over the bathroom reads: Raped by a client, Min relates one of the most telling stories in this distressing book that offers scant hope - very few hostesses break out, move on and make it.

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