Redhead laser flashlight firearm mount

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Although called "Ksp 58" in-game, after the Swedish version of the FN MAG 58 and even has the distinctive Swedish green lacquer finish, it is actually modeled after the MBdenoted by the short flash-hider, carry handle design, sights, the railed feed tray cover of the B model, and the stock design both the default wood stock and the plastic stock use the same model. It incorrectly holds 7 rounds in its 5-round tube magazine. It has a round detachable ammo drum. It is frequently used by law enforcers and holds 30 rounds. It is depicted as being ridiculously powerful, even more so than most of the 12 gauge shotguns, despite it's. A decent enough shotgun for what it is that is still inferior to most others.

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5mW Laser Pointer

All 3 are capable of firing through certain objects, such as thin walls or police riot shields. It is incorrectly depicted with a round magazine capacity instead of the real life round capacity, and even with its "Extended Magazine" mod it only brings it to 14 rounds. Additionally, the Jericho has the chrome-plated guide rod of the 's chambered in. It holds 30 rounds in a round magazine, but a more recent update increased it to a round capacity for no explicable reason. It's not even possible to switch out the grip or stock. However it has a mediocre rate of fire, pretty bland stock statistics and doesn't really stand out in the armory of the game. As of the First Person Animations Update, the weapon's magazine is translucent and visibly empties when firing, rather than being solid brown.

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redhead laser flashlight firearm mount
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redhead laser flashlight firearm mount
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