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As with many transgender inmates, Fallon Aubee was held in segregation for six months after coming out to advising officials. The Toronto Star York Regional Police arrested over men in connection with child sex trafficking in a four-year long operation, Project Raphael. The essential conflict between transitioners and non-transitioners - I've written before that I believe most transgender people share the same basic feelings: Never mind Xanadu, the bomb that ended Gene Kelly's career, almost closed the book on movie musicals forever Can't Stop the Music gets credit for that and re-emerged as a camp classic with a reputation for being so bad it's irresistible; she opened her set with the title song and set a tone of sugary comfort. Now that I passionately claim both the word and the identity, it has become a part of everything I do… including dating.

And in doing so, gives other guys is a sliver of hope.

Top 60 LGBT Blogs And Websites for the LGBT Community

Daily Show comic Hasan Minhaj, left, was the headline comedian at the White House Correspondents' Dinner Saturday, while late night television show host Samantha Bee hosted a competing event. Out of 98 speakers presenting over a two-day period, only 13 are women. When he was passed over for a promotion, in spite of his exemplary 28 years of service, Peel Police stated that it was because his work was not considered real police work. No wonder that in this context assault — whether violent or sexual — is presented as a more terrifying experience than simple hand-to-hand combat in a controlled setting. It is used to excuse the rape, incest, and violence that women experience.

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