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Intimate City is a social-media platform for travelers to send personalized virtual postcards and stamps — to be shared publicly or only to select recipients — as well as photo albums and videos. The convention had a backwards theme, which led to a lot of fun experiences. Afterwards, everyone was invited to a buffet dinner where participants enjoyed delicious catered meats, chicken and more, while Rabbi Mendy, Steve Shapiro and Jerry Zivic addressed the crowd. No experience is necessary, and booklets and CDs with Shabbat blessings, songs and readings are used. Arlene Stolnitz, founder of the Sarasota Jewish Chorale, has been an active. It has uniquely Jewish features, and most of its citizens want it that way.

The symbolic meaning is clear, with nothing less than the defeat of the anti-human ideology of Nazism and, hopefully, the start of a new international regime of respect for humanity.

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He beand government policy to lieved his actions to bring about significant acbe sanctioned by the tion. The legislation would expand the U. Most Jews had fled out of body straight into the intellect in the wake of the trauma of the Holocaust. We expect to be making several major guest announcements very soon! Watch and have fun!

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