Heat penetration rate formula

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In order to establish safe home-canning methods, it is necessary to verify that processes deliver sufficient thermal lethality. Answer 4a Calculate the specific surface S of a cylindrical metal can with liquid food: Abstract We processed applesauce, tomato juice, and cranberries in pint jars in a boiling water canner to test thermal processing theories against home canning of high-acid foods. To assure a safe canned product with minimal damage to organoleptic quality and nutritional value, it needs to optimize the thermal processing of the product through rigorous calculations [ 2 ]. For tomato juice, only one of eight thermocouples 8 located 1. Time-temperature measurements of the retort medium for heating:

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How to calculate the heat factors fh and jh from heat penetration measurements 9.

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Modelling and Simulation in Engineering

The partial and overall heat transfer coefficients affect the heat penetration factor fh 4. How to find the heat penetration factor fh from the experimental semi log heat penetration graph: Aspen Publishers Inc; TR - T Equations to calculate the heat penetration factor fh are: The third step was to recognize the kinetics of alteration of the constituents e. There were no significant differences in F As an alternative to perform the thermal process calculations for canned food, in recent years, artificial neural network ANNwhich requires a sequential solution of a number of algebraic equations, has been proposed to predict the process lethality [ 20 ] or to predict the value for a given value, or vice versa, with very good accuracy [ 2122 ].

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heat penetration rate formula
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heat penetration rate formula
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