Chimp facial expressions

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The performance on expression dyads that were similar versus distinctive was then compared. Furthermore, the data indicated that the facial expression in addition to vocalization, as well as the facial expression alone, were used differently in social play, for instance, when in physical contact with playmates and when matching playmates' open-mouthed faces. Open in a separate window. However, the human bared-teeth expression in Figure 2 strongly resembles a grimace, or a forced smile, but it does not give the countenance of happiness. This paper reviews what is known about these facial expression repertoires, discusses the importance of social organization in understanding the meaning of different expressions, and introduces a new coding system, the ChimpFACS, and describes how it can be used to determine homologies between human and chimpanzee facial expressions. Blackwell Scientific Publications;

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In a follow-up to this study, Parr and colleagues investigated how expressions were discriminated, using overall configuration or the extraction of specific features.

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With the development of a standardized system for measuring facial movement in chimpanzees ChimpFACS that is anatomically and organizationally comparable to humans FACSthe stage is set for a more comprehensive investigation into the evolution of facial expressions and facial emotion Parr et al. Forty-six chimpanzees were video-recorded during spontaneous play at the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, Zambia. Where Nature Meets Culture. This latter question may tie in with recent work on human neuroimaging that suggests that neural systems important for face identity recognition and processing emotional content from facial expressions are, in fact, dissociable Haxby et al. Therefore, objective coding of naturally occurring chimpanzee facial expressions according to minimal facial movements using ChimpFACS produced functionally meaningful expression categories. If you want to understand how the cell membrane works, Adam Cohen says, look no further than your kitchen. Because chimpanzee researchers cannot position chimpanzee faces using verbal instruction, as is the primary method for creating human expression stimuli for use in emotion perception studies, the Poser chimpanzee allows researchers control over head orientation, gaze direction, expression configuration and intensity.

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chimp facial expressions
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chimp facial expressions
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