Amateur radio repeater directory

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Planned Future Developments Posting repeater checkins to Twitter! Some networks have a feature to allow the user being able to turn additional repeaters and links on or off on the network. There are also digital amateur TV repeaters that retransmit digital video signals. LID refers to a poor operator radio methods usually from improper training from other Amateurs or exposure to different types of operation such as CB radio. We are looking for a wishlist from FC's to build a special portal for FC's to have the tools they need to make frequency coordination easier. Amateur television ATV repeaters are used by amateur radio operators to transmit full motion video.

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Important Changes to the listing From changes to repeaters will be shown in difference reports that are available to download.

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Repeater Update

The only scanner app that can alert you when major events are happening. In addition, amateur radio satellites have been launched with the specific purpose of operating as space-borne amateur repeaters. The bands used by ATV repeaters vary by country, but in the US a typical configuration is as a cross-band system with an input on the 33 or 23 cm band and output on Please update any errors either in the apps on Android or iPhone or at http: The purpose of coordinating a repeater or frequency is reduce harmful interference to other fixed operations. A common name is a "parrot" repeater. We cannot give those out for free due to the licensing issues and upgrade issues on the App Store and Google Play.

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amateur radio repeater directory
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amateur radio repeater directory
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