Why are wonderwoman and supegirl naked

Wonder Woman flew up off the ground and raised her sword to strike again, but Supergirl grabbed her by the arm and took off high into the sky, pulling Wonder Woman with her. Just In All Stories: The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Nasty stuff that laser vision. Wonder Woman charged at her with her sword, and Supergirl jerked to the left.

Not that anything as silly as that would ever happen.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl! Nude!

She flew up to the island, kicking her legs out in front of her as she came to a stop, and dropped down to the ground, blowing up a cloud of sand around her legs. Not only was it cut by the sword, but Wonder Woman's bracelet had still been scorching hot, and Supergirl had put her hand right on it when she went for the sword. On her wrists were nearly invincible metal bracelets, which she used in conjunction with her quick reflexes to stop anything from arrows to bullets. Her torso was wrapped in figure-hugging red leather, which connected to her blue bottoms with a golden belt. She fumbled for the limp blue rag, but a feeling of intense pain jumped through her hand when she tried to close it.

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