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I'm certain Allira can look forward to being in high demand from directors looking for an actress that can give herself completely over to a role. I did 18 months, came out for about two weeks, got recalled for indecent exposure, spent another year in prison, came out, started to offend again - it was indecent exposure again - and got put back in. And that makes me feel better, because sex offending is very stigmatised, obviously. I have to get a job. Horror Movies I've Seen and Liked.

When Ted's beloved cat dies, the trauma triggers a mental breakdown.

I Let My Husband Rape Me, and Here’s Why…

There was an element of trying to shock people, too. I was under a lot of financial stress at the time. A horror-obsessed boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer. What can be said of this little star of the future? I constantly have to work at that, at shifting my mind on to other things.

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