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I Love him Ever So much…. So basically I am trying to get any advice or thoughts on what I can or should do. It became about him and his ego…he then said we can have a 3 sum…but ol we will do there is the kissing scene for him…I said I was kidding. I want you to know that I understand. You might be shocked to learn that your true self is her every fantasy.

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I resent that I feel the way I do touching women, I am uncomfortable with wanting to have a woman sexually as passionately as I do, I despise myself for every making my husband question his place in my life.

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Do these types of relationships work? I started noticing how she looked at other woman when we were out at the mall, admired other woman and even spoke alot about a Lesbian woman who shes been working with for over 5 years, this woman is 39yo and married a guy but is very Lesbian from what I heard as she still teases my gf and compliments her, my gf said she had never had a relation with this woman but from the way she always talks about this woman and also curses her sometimes. My attraction to women is not the same as it is to men. It is making me depressed more often than I would like. Just curious as to how those of you in similar situations actually met another woman and have a relationship with her…. I Love him Ever So much…. Would it be so bad if you were to show them real love even if it were same sex?

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