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This is in no way a comprehensive summary of everything our life entailed for that month with my daughter in a full leg cast, but I hope it will lend as a helpful resource to other families should they find themselves overwhelmed when initially in a similar situation! Ready To Do More? We gave her more pain meds then but it was taking awhile for those to kick in so I laid with her to snuggle and try to distract her from the pain. Kruse, DO and Susan M. They all get a kick out of "roughing" it and that's about as much camping as I can do!

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This is a good summary of events.

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A Parent's Survival Guide to Having a Kid in a Full Leg Cast

For example, a child with a forearm fracture will have a long arm cast to immobilize the wrist and elbow joints. There are a few things that worked for us though, given the doctor's permission to regain mobility while in the cast: We love and constantly use this one. Photo of an injured man walking on crutches, isolated on a white background. Cover the cast while your child is eating to prevent food spills and crumbs from entering the cast.

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her full leg cast
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her full leg cast
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