Does sex get boring

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We've been together six years and I assumed there would be some kind of natural progression and certain likes that are known by now but not so much. Talk about sex, it's a good way to have good sex. Lol not sure why much hate. That's a load of crap. If I'm with a partner in a committed, trusting relationship, I'm more likely to say no to sex if I'm not really in the mood than if I'm single and in a dry spell and unsure of when I'll get another chance. Paid sex was invented for a reason.

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I expect my partner to do the same.

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Couples All Get Bored With Sex. What Should We Be Doing About It?

Thank you all so much for your input! The dwindling of sex in a relationship can occur for plenty of reasons. Almost scripted and only what one partner wants. Short of that, it's hard to bore me. Will you the word 'sexed'.

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does sex get boring
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does sex get boring
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