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We need more family-oriented, positive, uplifting shows to watch, and this is going to be one of them. Why, in the first photo, is there a double stitched penis shaped hem dangling under the belt? The whole thing is weird and pathetic… Thanks for the shout out IG. Notice I said almost. Away from her beloved home, children and husband. The Maverick is gone. Now, all a representative from a low viewership cable channel has to do is clear his throat and The Rogue immediately falls in line.

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The publicist clears his throat again, and she continues:

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Sarah Palin in tight jeans.

She changes gears quickly: One area where Ms. April 12, at Whatever floats your boat, Miss Bulemia. You are commenting using your Facebook account. April 11, at

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sarah palin tight jeans
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sarah palin tight jeans
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