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This difference is assumed to be attributable to a longer survival time of several days for fresh semen than for frozen-thawed semen. The owner of the bitch and stud dog will need to arrange to have the shipment at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure to get the shipment loaded. Indefinite storage of semen for future use. Typically, using fresh chilled semen, two collections are made and shipped. One ejaculate can provide between 2 and 10 AI doses depending on breed, size and age of the dog. This test is a simple cheek swab.

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No need to ship the bitch.

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This test is a simple cheek swab which can be collected at the appointment. Thaw media can be advantageous in regards to the volume of the insemination dose. Semen Freezing — the facts Once frozen, and so long as the semen is kept in well maintained liquid nitrogen tanks designed for long term storage, it will last forever without any significant decline in quality. Inseminations can be done vaginally, by transcervical insemination, or surgically. The shipper must have known shipper status with any airline you use. Inseminations with fresh semen before the time of ovulation less than

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puppy frozen sperm
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puppy frozen sperm
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