Girls fingereing themselves with period

My hand was red and sticky after, but she could walk around without limping, so I was fine with it. Solo blonde toying herself in the shower 10 min Hot G Vibe - Girl's tend to be much more horny when they're on their periods, so the whole thing is twice as intense. Did i get rejected? Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? And, I find the smell of female urine to be a powerful stimulant.

Don't ever stop talking about things like that wish so many Other peps talked things over.

Can You Get Pregnant From Fingering?

Guys have no clue what girls go through, therefore, I don't think they deserve the title of being tough. A period is natural and not something you can change so it's not something I find gross, ill happily go down on my lady, and finger her in thus situation. Hmm, many of you dont seem to know much about biology. Soo, what I want to know is, guys: My boyfriend has been wanting to finger me, and I've been wanting him to, also. Login first Don't have an account? A female reader, anonymouswrites 14 December

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  1. Great video my dude. If you have any bbw AMWF videos that would be awesome too