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Marcy bursts through the curtains, shifts her Sears Catalogue shoulders back in her black rayon bikini, skillfully thrusts out her stunning breasts—an audible gasp from the Ever-Ready males. Ahead of me, London Fog girl adjusts her fedora, fidgets with her belt. How she twirls her belt, coyly adjusts the slant of her fedora, winningly looks out over the ocean of stirred males as if in search of a partner, or better yet, multiples. But it could not have been my car. Yesterday, a police officer in Ottapalam, Kerala was suspended for trying to cover up the case involving Malayalam movie star Sreejith Ravi, who was arrested last week for allegedly flashing girls in a Palakkad school.

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Us in our swimsuits on stage, tittering and laughing with the town girls while the judges look us over, then make their no-doubt quantified decision.

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So Do You Get Why Men Want to Flash Women?

From where they were, all they could see was a college girl going berserk, throwing something at a respectable-looking gent and now she was laughing like a maniac and walking towards them. To people clutching their head and asking why anyone would do such a thing, I only have one thing to say: My friend P used to say that she was convinced that flashers thought that their penises were huge, beautiful and should be shared. Puerile girls in string bikinis on boats, on ski ropes, on public display. Which is what he urgently needed to show me. My boiler-shot stomach roils.

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