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Thick female ejaculation — this is a thick, slightly milky, odorous fluid which is sometimes expelled after strong clitoral stimulation as a side-effect of an explosive orgasm. Some women can ejaculate nearly at will when they are very aroused. Discharges during phases of the fertility cycle vary, based on the phase that we're in. If your fingers get tired, consider using a dildo. I also think, in general, you can tell whether something is an infection or just normal fluid by how it smells.

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Women can experience an orgasm without feeling their pelvic floor muscles contract, but instead will feel very relaxed and pleased after their peak.

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Getting wet: discharge vs. cervical fluid vs. arousal fluid

It was likely cervical mucous, which - particularly if you aren't on hormonal birth control - can vary in color and texture throughout your cycle. Skip to main content. Sometimes ejaculations are accompanied by pleasure and orgasm, and at other times you might ejaculate without experiencing orgasm or even pleasure. Cervical fluid CF is amazing stuff. I didn't taste it, but I normally have no issues tasting either of our sexual excretions.

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