Slap face sex turn on

And read Dan Savage. The 2nd Cold War has begun. It doesn't feel as good for me as being spanked. She absolutely got off on it, so I went along with it, but man Originally Posted by JigPig. It's hot to be surprised, I like the sting of it, I like the defiance of it. A few backsides are slapped, a game of fisticuffs erupts and one man plays dead.

I'll slap a girl's ass, grab her by the throat and pull her hair but hitting the goods is off limits.


Why are those even on the table? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Our encounters would almost always begin as a wrestling match, with lots of scratching and biting: Even if his wussiness hangs in the balance. And then we men, well, we get a little terrified. Remember that 'First Kiss' viral video which alleged to show 20 strangers kissing for the first time but was later found to be fake — using actors to promote a clothing brand? I've legit had a girl ask me to slap her during sex.

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