Scary movie dinner scene

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You hear the slimy, squirmy dumplings and the bones of the fetuses as the characters chew them. I watched this movie at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, which meant I was eating while I watched it. I can handle all of the blood and gore you throw at me, but the second pus gets involved I start to gag a little bit. No film has really been able to match this dinner scene though the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Nothing has made me want to leave the room more than the dinner scene in Dead Alive except possibly the eyeball-severing bit in Hostel. Dead Alive I hate pus.

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This could easily be your family.

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Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the 12 Best Horror Dinner Scenes…

This scene combines my two favorite genres horror and musical and goes balls to the wall with it. This movie actually takes time to establish its characters and Simon Barrett did a really good job with the dialogue in this scene. View this post on Instagram. A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dead Alive I hate pus. Cheap Thrills I did enjoy this movie a lot, but it was definitely a victim of hype for me. No list of horror movie dinners can be complete without this masterpiece.

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scary movie dinner scene
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scary movie dinner scene
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